SF-2 bushes are composed of two layers: one sintered porous bronze layer and one in polyacetal resin with small cavities that collect and gradually release the lubricant, so as to reduce friction and protect the surface in contact with the bush.

SF-2 bushes are used in applications with periodic lubrication. This type of bush is becoming increasingly popular due to its numerous advantages, such as limited wear, good heat dispersion and adaptability to oscillating and rotational movements. In addition, SF-2 bushes are water-repellent and are less sensitive to loading on edges.

To facilitate relubrication, SF-2 bushes are fitted with a special purpose external hole. It is recommended to use lithium soap grease: MoS2 and graphite based greases are not suitable.


SF-2 bushes are used in many sectors, for example:
* mining and metallurgical industries;
* forming presses;
* hydroelectric machines and cold steel rolling;
* etc.

Product list

WC SF-2 thrust washers
NSTR-1 strips
NSTR-2 strips
NSTR-3 strips

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