Maurizio Novelli (Technical and R&D Director)
Andrea Ceci (Technical Dept. Manager in S.Ilario)

Mr. Novelli, what does the company do?
Interpump Group S.p.A. is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional high pressure piston pumps and one of the major groups working internationally in the hydraulic components sector.
The group originally worked in the high pressure pump sector.
Founded by Fulvio Montipò in 1977, the Interpump Group has introduced technical innovations which have over time become reference standards for the market. These innovations were the key to Interpump’s rise to a position of world leader in the high pressure pump market.
The markets our products are intended for run from the historical industrial cleaning sector to municipal machines and applications for construction, oil & gas, desalination, water cutting and much more besides, with power ratings up to 1100kw. We cover and monitor the whole production process, from Research and De-velopment to the final production phases, including the pro-duction of sintered parts and surface treatment, and we perform the majority of the mechanical processes in house, on a wide range of metallic materials including ultra-high resistance steels.

What is your flagship product?
The product for which we have the highest production volumes is the piston pump for applications with power ratings around 5/10 kW and pressure up to 250 bar, divided into around a dozen different families with many different versions. The market trend for these products is to supply increasingly customised pump configurations that adapt to the customer’s needs; today more than in the past our customers consider their component manufacturers as partners who support them also in the manufacturing of a product which is as close as possible to their technical and commercial needs. The range is completed with more powerful industrial products for highly specialised applications, with lower production volumes but which are of extraordinary strategic importance.

Mr. Ceci, when and why did the collaboration begin between the brand ISB and Interpump?
In 2012, Interpump was looking for roller bearings and sealing rings of a quality suited to their high pressure pumps, all supported by an organisation guaranteeing quality technical support but mainly a high level of service; this is an alternative to more renowned brands, which are often too focused on following market trends in the automotive and energy sector, to the detriment of clients in the industrial sector.

What are the advantages of this collaboration with ISB?
ISB product was firstly evaluated on a technical level, bench tested, and only after this we gradually introduced the components on a part of the Interpump pumps.
The technical and reliability feedback from the market were very good, and the level of service provided has always been of the highest standard. The constant quality of the supply, from all points of view, has always been satisfactory.

What are your projects for the future?
Interpump was founded and has grown with a view to innovation, and this is where we shall continue to focus in the future: our aim is to continue to guide innovation in this sector. We are all committed to working in this direction to maintain our historical leadership position.

24 March 2017 marked the first ISB DAY, what impression did you have of the event?
We believe that the event showed everyone who attended the clear intention of ISB to operate in the market as a solid partner for the whole engineering industry; the large investments both planned and in progress in both logistics and technical/production.

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