ISB bearings on RICER axles


Fulvio Cerutti, general manager of Ricer Group, what is the activity of your company?

Our company has a long experience in the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry. In fact, the ancestor of the family, Giuseppe Cerutti, has been working in the
sector as supplier of metal sheet parts for industrial vehicles since 1961. In 2000, we created RICER, specialising in the manufacture of axles and suspensions for trailers and semi-trailers.


When and why did the collaboration between the ISB brand ISB and Ricer Group start?

The range of our axles varies from a load capacity of 9 tons up to 18 tons. One of the key components is certainly the bearing, which is the tapered type in our axles with counterposed assembly. Actually, at the beginning of our axle manufacturing business, in the years 2000/2003, we made a few attempts, addressed at identifying suppliers of bearings, and we, unfortunately, had some incidents along the way. Then, from 2004, we became return customers and, better, we developed a “partner” relationship with ISB. Since then, we continue to use these bearings.


What are the benefits of this collaboration with ISB?

The benefits of ISB are the assurance of an excellent quality standard with an appropriate price, the availability of the types of products, we use, in their warehouses and, despite a rather variable monthly scheduling, delivery within the first 2 days of the month.


What are your future plans?

Every day, the market obliges us to perform changes and upgrades of the range of our products, urging different proposals, maybe even just cheaper, or why not, with better performance or with innovative technical solutions. So the future is… every day!

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