What does the company do?

SICMA S.p.A. is an industrial manufacturer and constructor of agricultural equipment for soil tillage, sowing and the maintenance of green areas. The machines manufactured in SICMA’s factories are milling machines, shredders, diggers, mowers, chippers and pellet machines.

SICMA has been one of the leading companies in the sector for more than forty years. The numbers confirm this affirmation: hundreds of customers, turnover always on the increase, more than 100 employees and growing internationalization.

SICMA is highly structured and flexible, with strong vertical integration which allows to manufacture 95% of the components inside its factories:  this has made it possible to create a “Fully Made in Italy” supply chain of excellence, the primary aim of which is meeting the requirements of the customer, as well as ensuring their safety.


What is your flagship product?

SICMA’s flagship product is certainly the agricultural milling machine, the manufacture of which accounts for 50% of the entire production.

SICMA’s milling machines are characterised by their high adaptability to every type of terrain (from the hardest, driest and stoniest, to the softest, most humid and most sandy) and every type of operation. The range includes a series of power bands going from 15 to 160 HP, with working widths ranging from 800 to 3550 mm. The range includes 14 different models, fixed and portable, automatic and manual, with numerous variants and optionals.


What gave rise to the cooperation between ISB and SICMA?

The cooperation between ISB and SICMA began in January 2018 thanks to the opportunity to carry out tests on the bearings used.

With ISB we have achieved the business objective of saving money, as well as having technical assistance for assessing new projects, while improving the level of service at the same time.


What are the pluses of this cooperation with ISB?

The extension of the product range, the technical support, the excellent value for money and the availability of stocks make ISB a strategic partner.

It’s a continuously evolving brand that guarantees quality and reliability, thereby promoting customer loyalty.


What are your future projects?

SICMA’s future projects definitely go towards the development of products compatible with the so-called agriculture 4.0: we are seeing a rapid development in precision farming supported by technological solutions that were totally unthinkable until a few years ago. Our company, in step with this rapid evolution, is in the front line in supporting farmers in this innovative, but at times problematic, transformation. In addition, with regards to “classic” agriculture, we are extending our range with ever more specialised and professional products, in line with the growing sectoring of modern agriculture.

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