Zecchetti was founded in 1960 as a manufacturer of machines for the jar industry and then specialised in the production of a large variety of packaging systems for the PET bottle handling first and for the glass factories afterwords, becoming one of the main players worldwide, exporting the 95% of their equipment.


In 2005 Zecchetti further expands its business by activating a a business unit operating in the Material Handling – Automated Warehousing sector.


One of the most interesting products Zecchetti proposes to their Customers, regardless to the sector they operate in, is “UNICO” an AUTOMATIC VERTICAL WAREHOUSE which houses a Stacker Crane inside. Such an application enables UNICO to optimize the space consumption thanks to its very big storage capacity.

The modular structure allows to customize its dimensions (lengthwise and heightwise) to guarantee a full response to every need in terms of quantities to be stored.

UNICO then allows to manage, even from one single bay (and by one only operator), the handling of an important quantity of goods; the advantage comes from the automation of all the pick-up/deposit operations.

Such an exclusive feature, moreover, allows UNITO to extend its flexibility not only in the space and also in the time (namely the future).

The system in fact may be easily extended, with a minimal expense, by simply adding the necessary modules.


We definitely consider ISB an imporant partner; the products they supply to Zecchetti help in guaranteeing in the time, the perfect functionality of our automatic equipment which, in most cases, continuously run (24 hours a day) for years.

We could appreciate the delivery time reliability made possible by their very big warehouse and, last but not least, the quality/price ratio of their products which makes ISB, no doubt, very comprtitive in relation with other companies in the sector.

Contact us, and discover the ISB distributor closest to you.

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