Fiorella Industrie leader in the tie rod ends world

Mr. Gabriele Cerquitelli, commercial manager, can you spend some words regarding the activity of the company?

Fiorella Industrie started in 1990 and is specialized in the production of tie rod ends, tie rod, ball joints, axial ball joints and other steering and suspension components for auto vehicles, agricultural machinery, and offhighway vehicles. These sectors demand high quality and performance standards as well as maximum flexibility. In 1999 Fiorella Industrie was acquired by Compi s.r.l. specialized in automotive market combining core production and low-pressure aluminum foundry with the machining of cast parts for turbocharger first equipment. The whole range of steering gear products that Fiorella Industrie designs is produced in Central Italy with high technology equipment which allows the company to meet highquality standards of the manufactures and of the original spare parts. A high level of focus is certainly kept on the production materials and processes choice. That is to ensure the highest safety and resistance standards. The company offers this quality standard to OEM’s global leaders, such as Agco, CNH, Claas, Giant & others. Thanks to production, selection, research & development Fiorella is recognized as the highest quality brand in the steering gear market, with the widest product range.

What is your flagship product?

In the agricultural equipment and off-highway sector there’s a high demand for performance improvement on the products as larger machines are designed and put on the market every year to reduce working hours. Fiorella Industrie is very attentive to all these evolutions and, together with the main world’s leading machine manufacturers, continues to develop new solutions of high technologi-cal level. During the last years we developed, tested and put on in the market a new range of products named “BIG TIE ROD ENDS”, for large sizes-machines, as a result of the best mix between know-how and technology. For this BIG size range we patented a big tie rod ends locking system which permits us to analyze and to take action without move in the workshop.

When and why did the collaboration between ISB and Fiorella Industrie begin?

Fiorella Industrie constantly selects, analyses, designs and generates new items. Our constant commitment to search for better performing materials and redesign actions allowed us to find more efficient technical solutions that made us more competitive on the market. Based on these principles, 10 years ago a business relationship with the Green Brand started especially on ISB radial spherical plain bearings and bimetal bushes, that we assembled onto axial ball joints and stud bolts for special applications, where high-level standards performances are required.

What are the advantages of collaborating with ISB?

There are a lot of benefits in the cooperation with ISB. First the perfect balance between quality and price, the constant and valuable support of technical/sales staff for new products development, up to the wide stock availability to have the maximum flexibility of our production planning.

What are your plans for the future?

Among the production difficulties of the last period due to the high energy and raw materials costs, we are working to increase the energy independence of the production plant, together with some production processes automation, to transfer a benefit both to our customers and the environment. At the same time our team is working every day on improving what we’ve been doing with passion for the past 30 years, so that new markets and customers can get in touch and appreciate our products.

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