With ISB a growing partnership


Mr. Roberto Menozzi, Technical Research & Development Director what does your company do?

Interpump Group S.p.A. was founded in 1977 and soon became one of the main groups operating in the hydraulics field: design, production, sales of high- and very high-pressure pumps and related accessories. The applications of our products are mainly in washing, pressure washers, vacuum trucks and street sweepers. Our products are also used in special applications using water under pressure (such as firefighting, descaling in steel mills, reverse osmosis, food industry services…).

What is your flagship product?

In the washing area, our flagship product is the Interpump-branded pump: 21 l/min flow and 200 bar pressure for pressure washers, called “Famiglia 47”. In the truck sector, the flagship products are the 36 kW Pratissoli-branded KF40 pump (170 l/min and 110 bar pressure) and the 80 kW Pratissoli-branded MW45 pump (265 l/min and 155 bar pressure).

When and why did the collaboration between ISB and Interpump start?

Our collaboration started in 2012 thanks to our flagship product “Famiglia 47” pump. We needed more competitiveness and a better service, maintaining the high quality of our best-selling pump. We homologated our products by analyzing the comparative tests made by the Green Brand, and we performed durability tests internally. Soon afterwards, thanks to the positive results of the ISB products in terms of performances, we have started purchasing large volumes.

What are the advantages of this collaboration with ISB?

Certainly, the speed of delivery, almost at kanban level. The transition to ISB products has allowed us to make savings without running any risks from a qualitative point of view, thus favoring a constant growth in terms of volumes over the various years of collaboration.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plan is to extend ISB to other product groups. Not only on other high-pressure pumps for pressure washers, but also progressively on more powerful pumps, such as vacuum trucks, where durability and performance are a key factor.

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