Smart machines to conquer the industrial sector


Mr. Raúl Martín Fernández purchase and production Manager, could you please tell us about your company?

Reisopack S.L. is a company dedicated to the manufacture of strapping machines. Our company is characterized by our ability to “suite” the needs of our customers. We adjust our machines to the specific needs and specialization requested by the customer.

What is your flagship product?

Our main product is the horizontal strapping machine for pallets with edge protectors locating arms. With one device, the customer can place edge protectors, strap the pallets and deliver the finished product.

When and how did the collaboration with the ISB brand start?

ISB entered Reisopack S.L. thanks to an engineer of our technical department. The engineer got to know the Green Brand during his previous work experience and did not hesitate to recommend ISB to us. We can say that we learnt about it through a word of mouth.

Can you tell us about the advantages of your collaboration with ISB?

The advantages that Reisopack S.L. experiences through the collaboration with ISB are many. The first one is the reliability: we know that we’ll not encounter any problems with applying ISB on our machines. Another very important point to mention is that, due to their large stock, it is not necessary to create a blanket order with ISB Industries. We send out our purchase orders to them whenever our stock is running out and we need an order for new parts. Whereas, with other suppliers, we needed to plan an annual quantity in advance to make sure they could reserve it for us.

What are your projects for the future?

We are already present in the fruit and vegetable market, and we are beginning to introduce ourselves into the industrial sector as well. This requires our machines to have high communication capabilities (handshaking with new machines, and with new customers databases, etc.). Currently our equipment can be activated remotely from a mobile phone and are able to report information to the cu­stomer and to us. This function allows a faster communication, which permits us to antici­pate possible problems and to correct them before they occur.

Furthermore, if the customer purchases the consumer products as well, we’ll be informed about the status of the consumption, and we’ll send an automatic notification to the customer, so if the customer is interested, they can place a new product order.

This function allows us to avoid downtime in the operation of our machines, which is cur­rently essential in all areas, but especially in the industrial sector.

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