Since 60 years the top range in the world

Mr. Massimo Gramegna, as Export Manager, can you spend some words regarding your company?

Gramegna has been developing and manufacturing agricultural machinery for over 60 years. The production plant of 5.000 sqm is equipped with the new generation technologies, to produce spading machines, shredders/ mulchers, hoeing machines, and OEM units. The company, thanks to a catalogue that offers 60 different models, is able to produce machines with special characteristics to meet the specific needs of farmers and contractors. Export business, based on historical partnership, represents over 60% of the production.

What is your flagship product?

The Gramegna company was established in 1960 by the Gramegna brothers who at that time had developed the first mechanical device for digging the soil, which indeed became known as a “vangatrice” (spading machine). Continuously investing over the years, the company patented new technologies related to spading machines which are the core business for Gramegna, widely recognized as market leader.

When and how did you start working with ISB?

Gramegna and ISB have been collaborating since 2000 and in 2013 we started working together on a new important project. At that time, we were developing a new application of our machines and we needed to perform tests on the bearings. ISB gave us the ne­cessary support thanks to the fact that they have a Technical Centre inside the company. Through the years we developed a solid part­nership made to last.

What are the advantages of the partnership with ISB?

ISB offers a wide range of products, a good quality, technical-commercial support at any time and prompt availability on stock. The­se are the reasons which make the Green Brand the right partner for us. If we con­sider the excellent quality/ price ratio, the possibility of working on delivery schedule and the guarantee of a support warehou­se always ready to solve emergencies, we can say that we have found the right mix to work in a comfort way.

What are your plans for the future?

Gramegna will continue focusing on export business, sharing the benefits of its spa­ding machines in those countries where the know-how of a manufacturer is highly valuable. After 60 years from Gramegna’s first “vangatrice”, there are many countri­es in the world which still do not know our spading machines. We believe that, wor­king with reliable partners like ISB, will be the key to reach our future goals.

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