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Alessandro Maggioni, Unimec’s general director, would you please tell us what your company does?

Design and construction of mechanical power transmissions have been central to the work of Unimec for more than 40 years. With a dedicated production area of more than 10,000 square meters, Unimec can boast a considerable manufacturing know-how; modern production machines make indeed the company autonomous in the processing of threaded rods, nut screws, worm wheels, worm screws, drive-shafts with any geometry and other components. Then, such semifinished products are assembled and become finished products which are made to the customer’s order and targeted at meeting their needs. Unimec Group has been pursuing an international sales policy for years thanks to its sales offices and warehouses in France, Spain, Germany, and the United States.

What is your flagship product?

Although in-house production also includes special items such as large gearboxes, the company’s core business involves mechanical jacks and bevel gearboxes. The first array of products consists of subgroups and includes trapezoidal screw jacks, ball screw jacks, techno polymer screw jacks and stainlesssteel screw jacks.

As regards the latter, we are leaders in terms of production, lifespan, and quality: our items are indeed patented because of their “uniqueness”. Also, we are the only offering a range of 14 sizes ensuring lifting needs from 500 kg to 250 tons. The second flagship product is the bevel gearbox, which is distinguished from its “more commercial” and “smaller siblings” by virtue of the strength of its components and its load bearing capacity. They are indeed suitable for applications in industrial engineering plants, from light packaging lines up to heavier ones, i.e., metal sheet lines. A recent project saw bevel gearboxes play a key role within ATEX applications.

When and why did the partnership between ISB and Unimec start?

ISB has been around for a long time and has entered the market first, as a patient and serious supplier, and second, as a partner that could ensure the quality of its products. Such “quality” has been easily detected by Unimec thanks to internal test benches dedicated to research, development and more. The professionalism of the Emilia-based company managed to raise the brand awareness of a market that pursues quality products at affordable costs. Another strength of ISB is the ambitious and high-achieving service, which is a result of major investments that we witnessed when we visited the new logistic hub and, more recently, the new technical center in Rubiera.

What are the advantages of this collaboration with ISB?

As previously mentioned, the bearing market has experienced poor professionalism over the years due to the ervasive diffusion of the product and the entry of foreign producers offering low-end products and very low prices. ISB has brought the attention to the brand and acted as a “guarantor of product quality”: such concept has been the winning asset of the company. An obsessive attention to the quality of incoming products, an equipped warehouse and a technical department ready to suggest solutions and to test critical or problematic applications have been the foundations for a first-class growth of ISB in the market.

What are your plans for the future?

We have not experienced any weaknesses in our technical and commercial partnership so far. Therefore, more and more collaborations will naturally arise soon, as this interview demonstrates. Enhanced contacts between our technical offices during the engineering design process and the experimental stage will undoubtedly follow in the coming months; priority will be given in all this to production efficiency.

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